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  • Lawrence ‘The Spider’ Baker – Creative Director

    Being an actor, I’ve always had a pretty big imagination and as a result I grew up with a love for wargaming and RPG’s such as Dungeons & Dragons. Coming back into the hobby a few years ago, I soon realised that I wanted to create an entertainment show that covered all of its unique aspects and soon afterwards, Tabletop Tactics was born.

    I’m passionate about gaming, painting and the narrative of Warhammer 40,000 and while I pretty much love all of the factions in 40k, I’ve always ranked the Dark Eldar as my favourites. I’m really excited about creating the best shows that I can for the community and I’m looking forward to covering new games in the future. We are only just getting started!

    Lawrence ‘The Spider’ Baker – Creative Director
  • Joe ‘The Beard’ Pointing – Contributor

    I got back into the hobby 2 years ago after discovering a mutual love of wargaming with Lawrence. I’m a huge fan of the aesthetic of the hobby, especially the ‘grim dark’ imagery and i’m a big John Blanche fan! I run Chaos Iron Warriors as my main army, but also have a ‘Mad Max’ style Ork army, a mechanised Adepta Sororitas force and I also collect Space Wolves!

    I’ve always played to the fluffier side of the game but i’m starting to become very competitive as I face strong lists.

    Joe ‘The Beard’ Pointing – Contributor
  • Mike ‘The Pastry Chef’ Hebditch – Contributor

    Playing on and off over the years, I recently got back into the hobby and since starting again I have sold, tinkered, planned, won, lost, drawn and overall had fun with multiple armies!

    I am by no means a hyper competitive player, but I still like to win (who doesn’t?!) but that always comes second to having a good time with fellow hobbyists, preferably with a drink, banter and some delicious baked goods to hand!

    Mike ‘The Pastry Chef’ Hebditch – Contributor
  • Ben ‘The B-Bone’ Bonar – Contributor

    I first got in to 40K when I was about 12 years old. I collected the Ultramarines and Imperial Guard. I also had an Assassin which I won at a GW gaming night by dancing on one of the tables to what I seem to remember being the Spice Girls? Looking back on it, it was a defining moment in my life.

    Not too long ago, whilst sitting in Australia, I got a phone call from Lawrence asking me to come back to the UK and be a part of the Tabletop Tactics team. So I booked the next flight out and never looked back!

    I am really excited to be a part of Tabletop Tactics and am becoming incredibly passionate about the hobby again. I currently collect Tau but I also have a deep love for the Space Wolves. Woof woof.

    Ben ‘The B-Bone’ Bonar – Contributor